class naghelp.PerfData(label, value, uom=None, warn=None, crit=None, minval=None, maxval=None)

PerfData class is a convenient way to build a performance data object without taking care of the syntax needed by Nagios. The PerfData object can then be added into to PluginResponse object, with method PluginResponse.add_perf_data().

  • label (str) – The metric name
  • value (str) – The metric value
  • uom (str) –

    unit of measurement, is one of:

    • no unit specified - assume a number (int or float) of things (eg, users, processes, load averages)
    • s - seconds (also us, ms)
    • % - percentage
    • B - bytes (also KB, MB, TB)
    • c - a continous counter (such as bytes transmitted on an interface)
  • warn (str) – WARNING threshold
  • crit (str) – CRITICAL threshold
  • min (str) – Minimum value
  • max (str) – Maximum value


>>> perf = PerfData('filesystem_/','55','%','95','98','0','100')
>>> print perf
>>> perf.value = 99
>>> print perf